Posted by Abrina | August 28, 2014

hot teeney chick Katie T is a blonde bombshell if ever there were one and her newest set of potraits that went up on Only Tease this week have been a hit with all of her fans to say the least! Katie is a tight toned teeney who just loves to dress up for the cam and when she is feeling particularly bad she'll strip down for the cam as well! One of the hottest things about Katie T besides her wonderful bodie is her luve of high heels, with her long slender legs in those high shiny shoes her calves just look delicious!

Watch Katie in this set of potraits as she starts off posing for the cam in her short tight mini skirt and her tight red tank top but it's not long before she is flirting with the lens. Lifting her skirt she flashes her knickers underneath her nude tights and with a little more teasing she drops her skirt down to the floor. Stepping out of her skirt Katie pulls her shirt down over her hooters and lets those juicy babies pop right out before kneeling on the sofa and slipping down her pantyhose as well to give a astonishing peep at her plump round buttt!

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Posted by Abrina | August 23, 2014

Only Tease - Lucy Anne

Today we get to enjoy the seductive Lucy Anne. Check out these images of this blonde bombshell dressed as a extremely seductive secretary. She’s wearing a hot yet extremely seductive outfit – black suit jacket, short black skirt and white blouse. However, it might be what she’s wearing underneath it that makes this photo set so awesome. She’s wearing a black bra matching thong and a pair of sheer stockings and suspenders. For us, she teases out of everything except her thong and stockings.

ya can see more of Lucy Anne at Only Tease. She’s a regular at Only Tease with more appearances than I can count. Of course, she’s just one of the 457 models that are featured there. Whether ya like blondes, brunettes or even redheads, I’m sure ya’ll be able to find a seductive chick in seductive clothes that ya like at Only Tease.

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Posted by Abrina | August 18, 2014

Only Tease - Kara

Take a glance at these seductive Only Tease photos of a blonde bombshell named Kara. She looks simply drop dead gorgeous in this outfit. She’s wearing a erotic pink out do that really presents off her tits. It makes it really hard not to stare. She’s also wearing a tremendounsly short mini skirt that doesn’t cover much. And you can’t miss her black pantyhose. By the end of the photo shoot she was wearing only her pantyhose and a little black thong.

Ready to see more of Kara and all of the Only Tease models? Click on this sexy link here to visit Only Tease and find out what they’re wearing today! Every day, Only Tease updates with two, three and sometimes even four brand new photo sets or flicks. you’ll never be bored again.

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Posted by Abrina | August 14, 2014

Samantha K is a silly redheaded teeney who loves to present that tight teeney body which is why she interviewed for a job at filthy pllows. Even with her little lil perky balloons she desperately desires to be a filthy pllows female and with those delicious long legs of hers and her clean shaved snatch with a bow over it she looks like the wonderful gift to any dude! Samantha isn't the only Only Tease lady who looks smoking red-hot in her filthy pllows costume, in fact all of the teens over at Only Tease look absolutely outstanding in just about anything that they wear!

Take a peep at these pics of Samantha K in her silly filthy pllows costume. As she struts her stuff in her sensual pantyhose, her short shorts and her tight tank top she flashes that gorgeous smile for the cam. Slipping out of her shirt Samantha presents her perky lil balloons in her black satin bra and then slips her shorts down to present off her plump round hotbuns in her smooth soft pantyhose! As she unhooks her bra and presents off her perky nipples she looks even hotter than before!

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Posted by Abrina | August 09, 2014

Only Tease - Lindsey Strutt

checkout these extremely fiery potraits of Lindsey Strutt. The breathtaking brunette stopped by Only Tease today for another exciting photo set. This time she’s wearing a coy grey mindress. Even that dress presents up what a stunning bodie she has. However, she takes off the dress and poses in just her bra, thong and naked colored stockings. It’s not long before her bra is off, revealing her outstanding set.

Lindsey Strutt has been featured In Loaded and several other UK Lad’s magazines but today we have her all to ourselves. youu can’t find these lovely potraits of of Lindsey anywhere else.

youu can’t find females like Lindsey Strutt just anywhere. cum see more of Lindsey and rest of the gorgeous OT models at Only Tease. Lindsey is one of my favorites but there’s also other sultry brunettes, bad redheads and of course fun luvin blondes. Come take the free Only Tease tour.



Posted by Abrina | August 04, 2014

Anastasia in schoolgirl upskirt

Natasha Anastasia is looking spectacular while posing in her charming red plaid skirt, tan thigh high stockings, and sensual black shoes. This silly little schoolgirl loves to tease the camm as she slowly pulls off her uniform and throws it to the floor. There is one point of the set that she is bending over on the couch displaying off her knickers in a very charming schoolgirl upskirt shot! She is such a turn on!

You can see the entire set of Natasha in her schoolgirl uniform at Only Tease. Of course, she’s just one of the many floozies that ya can see dressed in sensual clothes there. There’s over 500 charming ladies at Only Tease, all wearing charming clothes like uniforms, lingerie and nylons. If ya think a female dressed in sensual clothing or being topless is sexier than one that is completely nudie, Only Tease is the site for ya!

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Posted by Abrina | July 29, 2014

Do you loove to watch lovely teens slowly stripping in the sexiest striptease you have ever watched? Do you loove watching dirty hotties teasing the cam in their lacy lingerie? Does it really flip your lid to see darling teens as they slip out of everything but their soft silky nylons? Then you're going to feel right at home at Only Tease! Only Tease is the biggest online site dedicated to teens who tease, if you're looking for the hardcore stuff you're not likely to find it here but if you're looking for hundreds of thousands of teasing teenie pics then you're in the right place!

Take a excellent peek at these hott pics of Amy Green dressed up for work in her silly secretary's outfit. How anyone would be able to work while looking at her delicious cleavage is beyond me! Watch Amy as she starts off just perched on the edge of her desk with her delicious satin nickers displaying. It doesn't take long for Amy to unbutton her dress though and stand in front of the cam in her lovely bra and panty set and those delicious black stockings that squeeze her succulent thighs tightly!

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Posted by Abrina | July 25, 2014

Hayley Marie is never afraid to do anything including displaying off out in the snow! Where most girlies would complain that it was too cold Hayley just had fun displaying some skin and feeling the kewl air against her bodie! Most of the girlies over at Only Tease are like that though, they'll do anything to be naughtie and they do not care who is watching! These aren't the kind of girlies to refuse to do something just because it's too cold or because they should not. No, these girlies couldn't care less if they get in to trouble as long as they have fun doing it!

Just take a peek at these images of Hayley Marie as she starts off displaying off in her hot college uniform out in the snow! From her hot white socks to that short pleated skirt and her tight top, she knows just what ya want to see and she is ready and willing to present it to you! First she slips out of her skirt and flashes her knickers but before-long enough she has slipped out of her top as well and is displaying off her plump round bouncers as she poses in nothing but her knickers!

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Posted by Abrina | July 21, 2014

Only Tease - Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder is looking simply outstanding in this Only Tease photo gallery. The brunette bombshell is wearing a babelicious Marilyn Monroe style white dress. It really presents off her hot figure, to say the least. Underneath the dress she’s wearing a pair of white cotton undies and lace holdup stockings. We get more than a peek at the undies and her stockings as she slips out of the dress and presents us her outstanding bodie.

Lucy Pinder has appeared in many of the lad’s magazines, on tv many times, but today we have her all to ourselves at Only Tease. Her photos are part of the Prestige Tease, a collection of well known faces doing special appearances at Only Tease. Other members of the Prestige Tease include Natasha Marely, Michelle Marsh and Laren Shay.

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Posted by Abrina | July 15, 2014

Only Tease - Natasha Marely

Look who’s back for another exciting photo set at Only Tease, it’s none other Natasha Marely. This is Natasha’s 13th appearance at Only Tease and she has a tremendounsly impressive nine more photo and movie sets waiting in the wings to be released shortley.

In today’s photo set, Natasha is wearing a foxy black minidress that really presents off her excellent bod and world class curves. When she pulls off her dress we get to like her red lace thong, garter and sheer black stockings.

Visit Only Tease to see lots more of Natasha Marely. This stunning blonde is just one of the many gorgeous females that ya can like at Only Tease. There’s well known names like Melanie Walsh and Jaime Hammer, as well as many gorgeous and upcoming models.



Posted by Abrina | July 10, 2014

Only Tease - Cassie

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t warn ya about Cassie. This tan brunette is a true heartbreaker. She make look all sweet and innocent in this babelicious college uniform but she will seduce and leave ya wanting more. Cassie takes off her uniform to reveal her pink cotton bra, with matching undies and grey tights. Even just her underwear and tights, her fabulous curves will leave your heart beating fast.

Visit Only Tease to see all the babelicious potraits from Cassie’s college uniform set. At Only Tease ya can see more girlies in college uniforms as well as other babelicious clothing like secretary outfits and french maid uniforms. Click on this line here to take the free Only Tease tour.

I’m feeling much better today. Although, I don’t feel a hundred percent yet I’m back at work and struggling through the daily grind to bring ya more Only Tease photos and vids. Sometimes, life is just so rough. LOL



Posted by Abrina | July 06, 2014

Only Tease - Sam T

What do I have for you today? Check out the sensual, blonde bombshell, Sam T. Sam is wearing a hot blue top with a matching miniskirt and black patterned pantyhose. She takes her time teasing her way out of the sensual outfit, removing her skirt and than she pulls her pantyhose down so that we can see her satin panties.This whole outfit is rather naughtie. Sam admits this is the kind of outfit she’d wear on a day to day basis, not just to model in.

See more of Sam T at Only Tease. Watch as she teases completely out of her top and presents us more of her stunning bodie. But as you know, Only Tease is all about the tease, sensual clothing and naughtie lingerie.

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well. I’m a lil tired for Friday evening still, but the coffee is beginning to kick in.



Posted by Abrina | June 30, 2014

Only Tease - Melanie Walsh

Only Melanie stopped by recently for a extremely sensual photo shoot for Only Tease. In this gallery, Melanie is wearing a extremely seductive nurse’s uniform. Seeing her in an outfit almost makes ya want to go to the hospital today. And this photo shoot gets even better as she starts to unbutton her uniform. Underneath she’s only wearing a pair of naked colored pantyhose and white lace pantys with a matching bra.

Visit Only Tease and see all of the exciting photos from this photo set. If you llove gurls in uniforms, you should definitely check-out Only Tease. They have ravishing hotties in all sorts of seductive uniforms – college uniforms, police uniforms, hotties in seductive office clothes and much more.

If ya want to see lots more of Melanie Walsh, check out Only Melanie. That’s her personal web-site where you can see exclusive photos and flicks of the Page 3 model.



Posted by Abrina | June 25, 2014

Only Tease - Jo R

It’s time for your daily workout. Today, your personal trainer is going to be Jo R from Only Tease. She craves to make ya sweat, get your heart pumping and to work every single one of your muscles.

For this silly workout, Jo R is wearing a tight yellow tank top, with grey workout shorts. Even in that ya get an idea of how astonishing her bod is, but it’s not long before she’s down to just her pink lace knickers, displaying off her extraordinary knockers. I think that is going to get some hearts beating.

like all of your silly workout with Jo R inside Only Tease today. There ya can see all of the images from this workout, as well as see lots of other hotties in sexy clothing. To be exact, there’s 340 models waiting for ya at Only Tease, in everything from silly uniforms to sexy lingerie. Take the free Only Tease tour today.



Posted by Abrina | June 21, 2014

Prestige Tease - Hayley Marie

I think Hayley Marie is definitely the right way to start of this weekend. She looks absolutely stunning in her red evening dress and black pantyhose. Underneath her dress and pantyhose she has on a pair of hot, yet seductive white boyshort knickers.

Hayley Marie’s seductive photo set is part of the Prestige Tease collection. The Prestige Tease is a mix of high quality photography with a premier group of models. The models include Melanie Walsh, Sam Buxton, Jaime Hammer and many more. It includes unique photographs that youu can’t find anywhere else.

Click over here to see all of Hayley Marie’s photos at Only Tease today. This set is one of four featured sets today. Every day they’re adding three or four brand new sets of seductive vixens teasing in sexy clothing for your viewing pleasure.



Posted by Abrina | June 17, 2014

Only Tease - Prestige Only Melanie

outstanding afternoon! Today at Only Tease, we have a special photo set featuring Melanie Walsh. This set comes from the Prestige Tease, the premier collection of Only Tease hotties like Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Jaime Hammer etc.

Only Melanie is looking absolutely stunning in that charming sixties dress, even her hair and make-up goes along with the retro theme. It’s hard not to notice her red satin nickers peeking out from underneath her dress when she bends over so naughtily. I think ya’ll agree that her legs look fabulous in those black hold-up stockings.

Visit Only Tease to see all of the photographs from this charming set. There ya can see all the Prestige Tease hotties in exclusive photo sets that ya can’t see anywhere else. The Prestige Tease collection is really setting the bar higher, not just for Only Tease but for all glamour and sensual sites.



Posted by Abrina | June 13, 2014

Only Tease Oxi

studs, checkout Oxi, a blonde honey teasing a red dress. Maybe, I’m a lil cheesy but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this set was the song "Lady In Red." The lyrics just pooped into my head as I was looking at this set.

Underneath her stunning red dress, Oxi is wearing some rather naughtie lingerie, perhaps some lucky gentlemen will get to unzip the dress and discover it. The combination of black lingerie and black stockings really does stand out.

youu can see more of this lady in red at Only Tease. There youu can find your special lady in an sexy outfit. If youu live fine females in sexy clothing like uniforms and lingerie, youu’ll luve Only Tease.

Unfortunately, it’s time for me to get back to work. See youu all tomorrow.



Posted by Abrina | June 08, 2014

Only Tease - Alexandra

Check out the very lovely images of Alexandra looking fascinating in this Hooter’s uniform. I can only imagine how much in tips Alex would make if she showed up to a gazungas in this outfit. gazungas may be known for this busty blondes but this redhead would definitely give them a run for their monies in this figure hugging uniform.

you can see more lovely ladies in uniform at Only Tease. Some of the most popular uniforms are the mischievous nurse outfits and the hot, yet very lovely schoolgirl uniforms. Plus, these ladies are always wearing something lovely underneath like sheer pantyhose, lace thongs and lovely bras.

Stop by Only Tease today and see all of the lovely photos and download all of the sensual vids.



Posted by Abrina | June 02, 2014

Only Tease - Cherry S

Are ya ready for your workout today? Cherry S is ready to get your heart beating fast and your blood pumping! Today at Only Tease, ya can see this sultry looking blonde teasing in her gym kit - a tight light blue top, a pair of very tight workout shorts and white cotton socks. Of course, that’s just step one in this workout. Step two is her teasing out of her workout clothes after her exercise routine and displaying us her white cotton thong and tight figure.

ya can see all of Cherry’s photos inside of Only Tease. This is only Cherry’s second time appearing at Only Tease. The other time she was posing in just satin lingerie and stockings. She has two more foxy photo sets to be released before-long and a n sensual movie in line to be released before-long.

Click on this link here to meet up with all of the Only Tease dolls.



Posted by Abrina | May 27, 2014

Only Tease - Elena C

Would youu like to join Elena C in the bedroom tonight? At Only Tease youu can see this voluptuous blonde wearing a tremendounsly lovely lingerie outfit. It consists of a black satin top, black thong and sheer black stockings. It’s definitely the kind of outfit that dreams are made out of. Inside Only Tease, youu can watch as she slowly teases out of her outfit, eventually posing in just her stockings and thong.

Click this link right here to visit Only Tease. There youu can see al of Elena’s photos as well as the photos of hundreds of other gorgeous chicks. Of course, there’s also hours of lovely movies to download too. If youu like lovely ladies in lovely outfits, youu’re going to really enjoy Only Tease. They feature nothing but chicks in uniforms, lingerie and sensual leg wear.

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Posted by Abrina | May 22, 2014

Get a gaze at these images of Kelly M! Kelly is a charming brunette teeney who loves to play dress up. At her house Kelly has a humongous container full of different dress up clothes that she loves to wear and then strip out of for the cam so she has lots of charming images to send overseas to her boyfriend. When Kelly was invited to be the maid of honor at her best buds wedding though she didn't have to be given a second opportunity when she was left alone in the room with that wedding dress!

So used to dressing up, when her best companion left to go and get her hair and makeup done, Kelly couldn't help herself from trying on the fine wedding dress herself. As she lay there on the bed in charming lacy stockings and a long flowing wedding dress she couldn't help but spread her legs a lil and hike up her dress to present off her slender tanned legs. Hoping that no one would walk in and see her dressed up Kelly lay on the bed, sliding her hand down her silky white stockings and back up again to her warm pantys that were getting wetter by the second.

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Posted by Abrina | May 16, 2014

Only Tease - Hayley-Marie in denim miniskirt 

Hayley-Marie looks absolutely spectacular while wearing a denim skirt, yellow tank top and seductive leather boots in this new update from Only Tease. She is posing outdoors on a stunning day as she slowly strips out of her clothes to present off her lacey nickers and rock hard bod.

Hayley-Marie is one of over 500 models at OnlyTease posing in lingerie, schoolgirl outfits, stockings, pantyhose, and many more sensual outfits. youu can see all the content, updated 3 times every day, all included with your membership. See these floozy get nude and tease the cam making youu hotter than ever before!

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Only Tease - Hayley Marie

Check out these Only Tease photos of Hayley Marie. Today, this hot blonde is wearing a tremendounsly erotic college uniform and taking us along for a tremendounsly mischievous college field trip. Out in the woods, she does plenty more than just pose in her uniform. It’s not long before the uniform is coming off, revealing her pink cotton undies and hot bod.

ya can see the complete photo set at Only Tease. It’s not hard to see why she’s one of the favorites at Only Tease. But of course, if she isn’t your cup of tea, there’s hundreds of other hot ladies waiting for ya at Only Tease. Come meet up with them all and see all of the sensual outfits and mischievous uniforms that they’re wearing.

Click here to visit Only Tease.



Posted by Abrina | May 07, 2014

Only Tease - Hayley Marie

Today at Only Tease, you can love this sensual photo set featuring Hayley Marie in an sensual looking French Maid outfit. I’m sure that there’s more than a few humans who are thinking "she can come clean my house anytime." Along with her maid uniform, Hayley is wearing a very white and pink bra with matching thong, white stockings and long black gloves.

you can see more of Hayley Marie and more chicks in uniforms inside Only Tease. Join today and get full access to thousands of photo sets and hours of film featuring chicks in all sorts of foxy uniforms – college uniforms, dressed as secretaries, tennis uniforms and more. Of course, not only do we get to love their uniform, but we also get to see what they’re wearing underneath it.

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Posted by Abrina | May 01, 2014

Only Tease - Catherine

Today, at Only Tease we get to like the presence of a voluptuous blonde named Catherine. She’s wearing a shiny silver evening gown. She looks like she coud be ready to go to the opera or a fancy ball, but instead she’s putting on a seductive present for us. She pulls up her dress and presents us her lace knickers and shiny naked colored pantyhose.

This photo set was just added to Only Tease today. you can see all of it and thousands of other photo sets inside of Only Tease. All of the photo sets feature sexy women like Catherine in seductive clothes and sexy clothing. If you think a gal in an sexy outfit is more seductive than one that is completely nudie, Only Tease is the site for you.

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